every Day is Bee day

Bee Day Australia is administered by Circles of Learning which is a registered charity working together for the Goodness of Humanity. Through practical application of Education, the Arts, Culture and Community wellbeing Circles of Learning is a hub for parents, teachers and carers seeking solutions and experience in education, culture, health and building community

Our Vision

To bring people together to celebrate and appreciate how important bees are to life.

To amuse, inspire and endear people to bees whilst showing concern for their future and moving forward with positive opportunities with the big picture around:
– conserving natural environments
– growing fresh food
– creating more bee-friendly habitats

Our Mission

We’re here to help:
Raise awareness of the importance of bees
Support national and global initiatives that support bees and the environment
Provide funding to research and education for bees and the environment
Contribute to local communities and schools with supply of bee friendly plants and flower seeds