Are you ready to bee involved?

Celebrate Bee Day with your community

Read through our website and find out some fun facts about Bees that you can share with your friends and community. Or contact our team about what events you can host to help create more buzz.

Organise a morning tea, with honey!

Get your friends and the community together to enjoy the benefits of Bees. Click here to contact us for more details.

Plant bee friendly herbs, flowers or trees

Native plants provide the habitat and food sources bees rely on. The more we plant the more we provide bees with the necessary resources.

Wear yellow to create some buzz

Celebrate by wearing something bright and yellow to spread the word. Share it with us on Instagram @beedayau

Kids activities

Download some activity sheets below for kids to learn more about Bees

Buy chemical free fruit and veggies

The use of chemicals on fruits can be very harmful to bees including death.

Place a beehive in your garden

You can help by having your very own beehive. This will help bees in the production of honey and the pollination of nearby crops.