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Help save Australia’s bees from dying of starvation. We all know that bees are critical to our survival. But what’s alarming is that our bees are dying at dangerous levels. Land clearing, high-density housing and small flowerless gardens are starving our bees of pollen… and they’re dying mid flight. (including our bushfire bees!)

Our mission is to help:
– Raise awareness of the importance of bees
– Education of sustainable practices for bees
– Partner with National and Worldwide initiatives, supporting bees, habitat and the environment
– Provide funding for research into bee habitats and survival
– Contribute to local communities and schools with the supply of bee-friendly plants and flower seeds

You can do something about it today.
1. Join Plant Three for the Bees now by either purchasing some seeds or donating funds to expand our program.
2. Go home and plant your seeds and share the mission online.
3. Relax, knowing you’re helping keep Australian bees alive.

Our bees need us as much as we need them.
Please join below or donate today.

Give thanks to the Bees!!